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Why Coaching

Coaching accelerates learning, improves communication and supports change.  It incorporates, rather than ignores, the unique values, beliefs, style and life context of the individual or group of individuals, leveraging this information to move thinking and behaviour forward.


Coaching is essentially a Behavioural Science Framework and a Practice based on:

  • Evidence based theory of Human Behaviour
  • Empirical Research & Analysis
  • Integrated goal focused approach
  • Cognitive behavioural and solutions
  • Techniques of behaviour change and self-regulation


Coaching works in the domains of self awareness, capability development and performance:

  • Develops capacity to build relationships
  • Applies theory of emotional intelligence
  • Optimises wellbeing
  • Enhances authenticity, resilience, and achievement of goals
  • Evidence based research and best practices have been proven and tested


Coaching develops the following within clients:

  • learnt resourcefulness
  • learned optimism
  • emotional mindedness
  • self-reflection and
  • insight in behaviour change


Coaching supports performance, engagement and wellbeing at work and in life. Working with and through:

  • Brain Based Theory & Practice
  • Universal Human Needs
  • Personal Truth of Values, Strengths, Authenticity and Choice
  • Happiness, Satisfaction & Fulfilment Theory & Evidence
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Powerful Learning through Application, Insight & Accountability

Coaching is holistic by nature and works within simple through to complex systems and relationships:

  • Groups & Team Dynamics
  • Human Systems
  • Family Systems
  • Social Networks
  • Workplace Organisations


Coaching is rapidly being moving into two clear domains – internal and external. Internal Coaching offers improved communication and performance and External, objective Coaching adds further power :

  • Independent
  • Autonomous
  • Rapport & Trust
  • Removal of Hidden Agendas
  • Accelerates Results, not hindered by fears or concerns of confidentiality
  • Structure, Support & Encouragement

Coaching can be moved up a gear. The Solutions and Results Focused Frameworks can be complimented with Transformational Coaching. Transformational Coaching techniques:

  • Offer an integrated model of coaching
  • Are Holistic in nature
  • Align the client with desires and core values
  • Generate and deepen insights into thought, emotion and behaviour
  • Embrace Purpose and Meaning
  • Support the courage needed to honestly face gaps, barriers and challenges
  • Create balanced and purposeful living and work
  • Use a deeper level of presence, intuition and instinct
  • Aim for ‘Being’ outcomes in addition to ‘Doing’ & ‘Having’ outcomes
  • Foster sustainable Happiness, Satisfaction & Success
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