Team Alignment Program

Having worked within organisations and seen the challenges leadership teams face, Coach & Co. has developed a Team Alignment Program. The program has the aim of producing:

  1. Greater alignment among leadership groups/teams, resulting in improved communication, productivity and personal satisfaction;
  2. Greater awareness of, and confidence in, individual leadership style and presence and group strengths; and
  3. Greater alignment with organisational needs and their leader’s needs


The Team Alignment Program is structured as follows:

Pre-workshop completion of the Myers-Briggs Type Instrument (MBTI)
One (1) full-day workshop, featuring:
  1. Leadership strengths and challenges
  2. Exploration of current circumstances
  3. Explanation and use of the MBTI in Team Alignment
  4. Shared awareness of individual preferences within teams
  5. Team Preferences as a whole
  6. Group Coaching Session (providing clarity on outcomes, and actions to be completed)
(Optional) follow-up one-on-one coaching sessions for team members


“Coach & Co.’s Team Alignment Program has achieved far greater awareness of the shared preferences and differences within the team than could ever be achieved without the workshop, in other words, an acceleration of understanding. This is particularly important given that we have several new members in the team and two experienced members who have exchanged roles. An important outcome is to have specific leadership team meetings which focus on our leadership successes, challenges and development as opposed to just strategic planning or the work itself. These Leadership Conversations will provide the opportunity to build on what we have begun in the workshop.

Having greater alignment and awareness will support us to work and interact more effectively as a team, particularly in relation to building trust. In turn, this will assist us in giving and receiving constructive feedback and holding ourselves and one another to account in relation to our agreed goals and values as a team.

Coach & Co. provided highly skilled facilitators. They were able to draw out understanding and contributions from each team member, effective in reading, responding and challenging the group and with good timing and questioning technique, supporting the learning and awareness within the group to build and develop gradually over the day.

The experience was overwhelmingly positive. We each came away from the day with a greater understanding of our self and others, and a shared commitment to using this new awareness in a practical and developmental sense back at (the workplace). I am clear we would not have been able to achieve the same level of understanding without the facilitation, no matter how much time we invested. The day had a powerful impact on each member.

I would recommend Coach & Co.’s Team Alignment Program to those organisations seeking to build alignment and effectiveness as a team and to accelerate awareness and understanding.”

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