Retention Coaching


 Staff turnover is estimated to cost $20 billion annually in Australia alone

 The average rate of turnover in Australia is 18.4% per annum, with an estimated cost of:

  • $210,000 pa to a business with 10 staff
  • $2.1 million pa to a business with 100 staff

 47% of turnover occurs within the first 90 days of employment

 71% of surveyed employees are planning a move from their current roles within the next 12 months

 80% of respondents to the HR Pulse Research Report (2008) said staff turnover has a negative impact on their business



What can you do about it?

How can Coach & Co. help?

1. Focused support for new employees


Provide ‘Retention Coaching for New Recruits’, supporting new employees by:

  • Accelerating & embedding new learnings
  • Providing an additional layer of support during transition (particularly useful for new employees with busy managers and/or fast paced work environments)
  • Managing feelings of anxiousness associated with the change and handling of new pressures (taking the new employee from a place of anxiety to learning)
  • Also covering topics such as career alignment, work/life balance, and health & wellbeing

2. Develop leadership skills


Provide ‘Retention Coaching for Leaders’, assisting your managers to:

  • Quickly develop leadership skills if new to management
  • Define their present leadership style
  • Identify and address capability gaps
  • Understand the key aspects of effective leadership styles
  • Learn how best manage staff to ensure retention, engagement & performance

3. Encourage ‘Critical People’


Provide ‘Retention Coaching for Critical Staff’, ensuring your vital resources:

  • Feel appreciated and understand the importance of their role
  • Are able to reduce / manage stress and become more engaged
  • Have a clear career progression path
  • Are given a secure place to have courageous conversations
  • Make the connection between personal priorities & those of the organisation


Program Impacts & Benefits

  • Create a smoother transition process for new employees
  • Identify career progression paths for both new and existing employees
  • Encourage work/life balance to ensure sustainable performance
  • Quickly develop leadership skills to provide effective staff management
  • Reduce conflict, raise engagement and improve performance
  • Ensure that critical staff are acknowledged as such


And, most importantly

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