Outplacement Coaching

Having worked within organisations going through significant structural change and/or downsizing, and seen the challenges faced by management and staff in these times of transition, Coach & Co. developed a Career Transition Coaching Program that has allowed organisations to reduce staff numbers efficiently and effectively whilst boosting staff morale.


 Coach & Co. adopts a ‘4-Facet’ approach to Career Transition, comprising:


 The program:

  1. Provides staff with the skills, motivation and confidence to transition into a new role or organisation as efficiently as possible;
  2. Supports staff in managing the challenges accompanying periods of transition (lack of engagement, negativity, stress, anxiety, etc.); and
  3. Meets organisational needs to transition staff with utmost efficiency.


Manager Support
  • Empowering managers to engage with, and effectively manage, employees through this, at times, emotional and stressful period

Intensive one-on-one coaching

  • Emotional support, and strengths-based approach to development of personal skills and capabilities for workplace and/or career transition

Action Planning - Career

  • Tailoring strategies and developing clear action plans to identify suitable and realistic job opportunities, providing a ‘way forward’ for the participant that encourages and instils confidence

Skills Coaching

  • Development of relevant and effective job search skills to assist in securing a new position in a timely manner, such as:
  1. Understanding the 7 phases of the application process
  2. Resume preparation
  3. Communication / Confidence
  4. Interview techniques


I am the Director of Human Resources in a Federal Government Department. We have a Taskforce that was established to deliver a defined project with a very clear end date. In September 2012 we had reached our peak staffing level (120+) and completed the bulk of our preparatory work. The Taskforce now moved into the final implementation stage of the project with a corresponding progressive wind-down of staff numbers. As there was very limited opportunity for people to be absorbed elsewhere in the Department we decided to implement a range of measures to assist staff secure alternative employment arrangements.

 In November 2012 we engaged Coach and Co to provide staff with Career Assistance Coaching. Our aim was for this support to firstly assist staff with identifying future career options; developing CVs; writing applications; and preparing for interviews. We also saw this support as a means of assisting staff to remain resilient in a difficult environment; to be clear on their skill and capability strengths; and to be optimistic about the future. The main challenge Coach and Co faced when taking on this role can be characterised as wide spread staff discontent - including high levels of anxiety; low morale; scepticism of the benefits of coaching and poor behaviour.

 To their credit (and my relief) Michelle and Simon quickly overcame these challenges and established highly effective and beneficial working relationships with staff. After running only a handful of one-on-one sessions word quickly spread amongst the staff that the coaching was not only useful and valuable in a practical sense but also very positive and motivating in a personal sense. The uptake of this assistance well exceeded my expectations and I received considerable (and only positive) feedback from staff on their experience in coaching sessions. In particular one person said to me, after just winning a position in the private sector, something along the lines of … had it not been for the coaching – I wouldn’t have given this job a second thought. But when I saw it advertised I thought - I want this job. So I applied for it and I got it – and that’s fantastic…

 As a result of the Career Assistance Coaching and other measures implemented in the Department our staff numbers have reduced significantly, morale has increased and workplace behaviour has improved. Our approach to dealing with this issue has been a success and Coach and Co played an integral part in this achievement.  I found Michelle and Simon to be very professional and easy to work with and wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone requiring coaching services.

 Adam McInerney, Federal Government



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