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Coaching with Coach & Co. involves the following:

  • Acknowledgement of the current circumstances of the participant;
  • Development of strategies/actions required to implement change;
  • Identification of potential hurdles preventing achievement of desired outcome;
  • Support to implement strategies developed and accountability for actions set; and
  • Measurement of the results of being coached through both Quantitative and Qualitative feedback

 The following tools/models (among others) are utilised:


Coach & Co. Session Structure Model


Coach & Co. 6-Step Coaching Process

  1. Identify Situation & Context
    Environment, History, People, Circumstances
  2. Establish Desired Outcome
    Clarify a Compelling Goal, or Set of Goals, that Engage and Motivate
  3. Determine Strategies to Bridge Gap
    Create Fresh Perspectives, Address Limited Thinking, Generate New Insights
  4. Outline Action Steps
    Break Down large tasks into Manageable Pieces to ensure Achievement
  5. Leverage the Accountability Process
    Using the Relationship to Ensure Outcomes & Success
  6. Measure Outcomes
    Statistical Analysis to Determine Thinking and Behavioural Change






5 Principals Of Coaching


Self directed learning
We all learn better when we find our own answers. Coaching helps people come up with their own answers through a structured approach, rather than by directing or advising.


Solutions focus
Coaching is not about searching for the cause of a problem, it’s about setting your sights on where you want to be and systematically working towards that end, focused the whole time on the solution.


Positive feedback
Coaching is about providing positive reinforcement, not pointing out what people do wrong. Coaches are a rich source of encouragement and support that propels people’s confidence and performance.


People work at their best when they are challenged and stretched. Coaching delivers an appropriate degree of stretch to each person, drawing out their best.


Our coaches deliver coaching within a clear, well-defined structure at every level:

  • Set and achieve specific measurable goals
  • Clear and detailed session outlines
  • Client and coach working together

 'CREATE' & '5 Principals' Diagrams courtesy of Results Coaching Systems


Coach & Co. Group Coaching Model

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