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Diagnostic Tools

Coach & Co. Pty Ltd provides personality profiling, tools and behavioural assessments to further aid our client’s development, including the following amongst others:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (accredited)
  • FIRO-B (accredited)
  • MBTI/FIRO-B Leadership Report (accredited)
  • Human Synergistics (LSI) Life Styles Inventory (accredited)
  • Benchmarks 360o (accredited)
  • Multidimensional Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ)
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Profiling System (EI Profile) - Exclusive Provider
  • Team Climate Inventory (TCI)
  • Strengthsfinder 2.0
  • Signature Strengths
lsi Human Synergistics Life Styles Inventory (LSI)

Designed to promote constructive change – transformational change – with the feedback helping individuals more clearly understand what is currently supporting and hindering their personal effectiveness, with guidance to developing more constructive styles of thinking and behaving. Click here for further information.


Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Step II

Self-report inventory focusing on how people prefer to take in information, arrive at decisions and orient themselves to the world.  It assists individuals to identify their unique gifts and enhance their understanding of themselves, their motivations, natural strengths and potential areas for growth.

firo-b FIRO-B

Powerful self-report tool designed to measure behaviour that derives from interpersonal needs. It provides individuals with increased insight into and appreciation of interpersonal behaviours which in turn can lead to increased interpersonal effectiveness and satisfaction in working with or relating to others.


MBTI / FIRO-B Leadership Report

Assists in exploring and expanding an individual’s understanding of the leadership style they use in their organisation and how others might perceive and react to it. The report is based on responses to the MBTI and FIRO-B assessments. Click here for further information.

benchmarks 360

Benchmarks 360o Assessment

Assesses competencies honed from a multitude of leadership experiences, providing managers of all levels of an organisation with an assessment of their leadership competencies. Also assists managers to identify capability gaps, establish which specific work experiences are required to  develop critical competencies for success, and identify possible roadblocks to career success.


Multidimensional Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ) Assessment

A next-generation assessment of Emotional Intelligence (EI) with several valuable and unique qualities that distinguish it from more traditional measures. The MEIA is a trait-based, self-report measure of EI with distinct coverage of all 10 components of Salovey and Mayer's (1990) influential EI model. The MEIA comes in both general and workplace versions.


Entreprenuership and Innovation Profile (EIP)

Patented, self-report profiling system that provides a framework for understanding an individuals best-fit role in modern business. Educates and informs individuals on the entire business lifecycle from start-up through to maturity and where they best fit to be successful in a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on entrepreneurial and innovative thinking. Exclusive to Coach & Co.


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