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Brain Based Approach

Coach & Co. adopts a brain based approach to coaching, achieving behavioural change through self-directed learning and a focus on solutions, rather than ‘telling’ the client what to do and getting stuck in the problems of the past.

Ensuring Clarity & Direction

As part of this approach our coaches concentrate on providing a safe environment, encouraging clients through positive feedback. Further, our coaches provide the structure for the client to explore alternatives, gain clarity on their future direction and develop strategies to ensure their desired outcomes are met.  Importantly, the client is ‘stretched’ in this safe environment to achieve outcomes that may not otherwise have been possible.

Coaching with Coach & Co. involves the following:

  • Acknowledgement of the current circumstances of the participant;
  • Development of strategies/actions required to implement change;
  • Identification of potential hurdles preventing achievement of desired outcome;
  • Support to implement strategies developed and accountability for actions set; and
  • Measurement of the results of being coached through both Quantitative and Qualitative feedback

In working with our clients, Coach & Co.:

  • Provide structured Sessions, enabling maximum impact and consistency in delivery;
  • Utilise proven Models, ensuring the client’s desired outcomes are clarified and achieved;
  • Analyse the Return on Investment to the client, demonstrating the effectiveness of the Coaching; and
  • Collaborate with our Project clients to ensure the stated outcomes are achieved.
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