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Company Founder, Principal Coach & Personal Advisor

Michelle drives the energy, movement and direction of Coach & Co. Pty Ltd. She is the initiator of our strategies and standards and is responsible for developing and caring for the company’s capability and reputation.

Michelle is a seasoned coach and recognised advisor on personal success, human behaviour, the psychology of negotiation and communication and performance under pressure. She is known for her lateral thinking, strategic intellect, intuitive and direct coaching and advocacy of individuals with company, community and public profiles.

Michelle works closely with masterful coaches locally and around the globe; the UK, Canada, the US and Asia, to strengthen and enlighten her coaching style and methods and keep the company fresh and responsive to client's developing needs. Inspired by success in all areas of life and work, Michelle matches her client’s willingness to improve and their determination.

Michelle currently works as Coach & Co’s Advisor on Major Projects, Personal Advisor to Clients within Public Positions and is a Leadership, Performance, Career and Life Coach for a diverse range of clients. Michelle partners with clients on an Annual Retainer Basis, Ongoing Coaching and Advice and ‘Just In Time’ Basis in the event of high stakes /time urgent needs. To enquire about Michelle’s availability as Advisor, Strategist and Coach contact her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




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Michelle is currently involved in the following White Papers in 2011:

Performance Under Pressure: Defusing, Clarifying and Acting when the Stakes are High
The Power of 3: Strengths, Values & Character

The Role of Coach in Crisis & Disaster: Decision Making, Communication and Problem Solving
Impact of The External Environment on Psyche


Michelle is currently developing the following Audio Coaching products:

FLOW: The X Factor of the Future?
STRENGTHS: Identifying Yours and Embracing Ease
DECISIONS: the Natural Way
Finding where you FIT: At Work and in Life


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