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Credentials & Qualifications

At Coach & Co., our professional Coaching team has experience, credentials and qualifications from accredited training organisations (as approved by the International Coach Federation) in the following areas:

  • Executive Coach Training
  • Workplace Coach Training
  • Group Coaching
  • Art & Science of Coaching
  • Intensive Coach Training
  • Coaching Methods
  • NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming


In addition our Principal Coaches have the following:

  • ICF Credentials
  • Mastery Mentoring
  • Coach Supervision
  • Psychology Qualifications
  • Business Qualifications
  • Communications Qualifications

Our Coaches have further training and expertise in a rich and diverse range of coaching specific topics including, but not limited to:


The key researchers and lecturers at Sydney University, in our view the leading academics in coaching in Australia, view coaching in much the same way we do:

That coaching is a Behavioural Science Framework and a Practice based on:

  • Coaching psychology & evidence based coaching
  • Empirical research & Conceptual Analysis
  • Integrated goal focused approach
  • Cognitive behavioural and solutions focused theory
  • Techniques of behaviour change and self-regulation

Coaching is a structured, solutions focused program that is influenced by the coaches style, self awareness and skills, with Coaching Models based on self regulated behaviour, personality, relationships between emotion, cognition and behaviour.


HBS currently undertakes evidence based research and development of best practice coaching, exploring the mechanisms of effective client-coach relationships.  Best practice coaching skills play an integral part in the ability to unearth human potential, guide learning and help teams envision a better future. Coaches support clients to develop their capabilities and help them achieve results.

Key factors associated with effective executive/leadership coaching:
  • Develops capacity to build relationships
  • Applies theory of emotional intelligence
  • Optimises wellbeing
  • Enhances authenticity, resilience, and achievement of goals
  • Evidence based research and best practices exist

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