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  • External and Objective Professional Coaching Theory and Practice
  • Human Behaviour Specialisation
  • Positive Psychology
  • Learning, Thinking & Emotions

Professional coaching is a unique independent process. While there are certainly links with other services such as training, facilitation, assessments, consulting and mentoring, coaching is a stand alone process that differs greatly to these. It is client-directed by nature, solutions focused, positive, forward looking and requires a variety and range of skills and capabilities to get clients results.

The science of coaching is well tested and proven. The art of coaching requires a well developed intuition regarding human behaviour, thinking and emotions. At its heart coaching is about movement, a way forward. We support clients who lack clarity and focus, who face blocks and barriers as well as those who are in the midst of transition or preparing for change. Equally we support successful brands, teams and individuals who require partnering to sustain success, enhance satisfaction and bring meaning and purpose to their professional and personal lives.

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