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Coaching: Taking the Guesswork out of Retention

Recent results from Leadership Management Australia's L.E.A.D. Survey reveal the following statistics:

  • 30% of staff feel their employer has done very little, or nothing, to reassure them about the future of their organisation
  • Only 43% have high confidence about their job security
  • 42% of employees have considered looking for a job in  another organisation
Startling statistics for any organisation striving to minimise the costs and disruption associated with staff turnover.
 Why do staff feel that they are undervalued? What makes them consider the greener grass on the other side? Sure, there's the financial reward. There wouldn't be many people willing to work in any sector if they were not able to derive an income from it.

But are they likely to jump ship simply based on financial reward. Unless they are currently being underpaid, this is unlikely to be the main incentive.

What else motivates staff to keep performing in their role? That feeling of achievement from getting the job done? Absolutely. Receiving positive feedback from managers and peers? Definitely. Feeling like they are part of a team striving to achieve a common goal? No doubt. Having an understanding of the bigger picture and their contribution towards it? Certainly. Because it says in their contract that they must work 40 hours per week? Unlikely!


"Despite foregoing pay rises and perks throughout the downturn, most employees now require very little from their employers to become re-engaged at work" Lisa Halloran, Retention Partners, HR Daily, May 2010

When asked what they mean by 'reward', the most common response from employee's revolves around being acknowledged for their efforts

The majority of employees are prepared to commit to the challenges being faced by their organisation, and to work together with their management team to achieve the more stable future they desire.

It stands to reason that organisations need 'leaders with a plan' - a plan to effectively engage their staff. So, what are the key factors that engage staff and how can coaching assist?

Responses from the L.E.A.D Survey suggest the following key factors:
  1. Salary
  2. Opportunities for Career Development
  3. Opportunities for Skills Development
  4. Flexible Work Hours
  5. Special Arrangements to suit their lifestyle

Now, more than ever, it is important for managers to be effective communicators, using powerful questioning and active listening techniques with their staff. Engaging valued employees through sharing and discussing the vision of the team, actively encouraging their input and showing commitment to their personal development is essential in retaining them.

Management communication, powerful 'appreciation' tool and getting clear on what staff really want.

  1. Offer coaching as a way of acknowledging efforts
  2. Improve management communication to ensure connection and understanding between staff
  3. Use coaching as a powerful, personalised, learning and development tool for individuals
  4. Support staff with work life balance concerns or aspirations through coaching to clarify what it is they really want from flexibility or special arrangements
  5. Offer coaching as a career development opportunity where staff can clearly identify their aspirations and develop plans and actions to move them closer to their aims


Coach & Co. have a developed a 6 session ‘People Management’ coaching program, enabling participants to develop a strong, authentic leadership presence by coaching around the following areas:

  • Developing Communication Skills
  • Building Rapport Skills
  • Improving Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Clarity of thinking
  • Awareness of own Behaviours
  • Identifying Hotspots, Agendas, Derailers
  • Developing Behavioural Knowledge
  • Skilling In Drivers of Behaviour
  • Skilling in Team Alignment
  • Developing Leadership Capabilities

In combination with our ‘6-Step Coaching Process’ the ‘People Management’ Coaching program comprises a powerful tool in addressing staff engagement and retention issues for any team or organisation.

To find out more about either the ‘6-Step Coaching Process’ or the ‘People Management’ Coaching program, please contact Simon at Coach & Co. at:

E: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

T: 1300 788 678 or 03) 9775 4296



In a coaching session this morning I had another opportunity to experience coaching a valued employee. We both knew she was valued because she had been openly told, in front of me, that she deserved to be happy with her work and that while there was little opportunity for progression available to her within her existing team she was being given every opportunity to access what she needed through coaching and management support. It was also agreed that her capabilities went beyond her current role. There is no doubt she is an excellent employee with great skills and work ethic. She has a great deal further to offer also. Yes, she is disappointed she has nowhere to move in her current team but she is also thankful for the opportunity to explore new career paths, uncover 'hidden' opportunities within the Department as a whole and even develop new skills in her own time to move into areas she will find even more rewarding and that align with her values and passion.

Three things stand out here; her skills and capabilities are acknowledged, her career development is genuinely supported and she feels she wants to find a way to stay because of it.

Michelle Homa
Executive Coach & Director
Coach & Co Pty Ltd

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